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Give Benefits and Reasons of Funeral Pre-Planning

Published: October 13, 2021

Funeral Pre-Planning

Undoubtedly, there are few things in life that are certain, such as death. Nevertheless, it is still important to plan for, if not for your own peace of mind, then for the benefit of those you will leave behind. In honoring the memory of the one who has died, we honor the reality of death, acknowledge it, and begin our healing process after the loss of that person. If you are planning a funeral service for a deceased loved one, it cannot be overstated how important it is for them to have a meaningful and healing ceremony. Getting ahead of the game can help you plan exactly how your grieving family will want and need their funeral. However, perhaps you are apprehensive about planning ahead.

As part of the Funeral Pre-Arrangement service, an expert will assist you in thinking through all the details. This includes teaching you about the various options available to you. You will be able to make informed decisions with their vast knowledge and experience. You will also receive free advice! It makes sense to plan a funeral in advance. 

Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning

Explore the benefits of pre-planning your funeral, and learn how to make it as convenient as possible. You will learn what is involved in pre-planning funeral arrangements in this section and why it has benefits.

Boost Your Family's Empowerment

It will be easy for them to know what to do. This is because you have eliminated all of the guesswork from planning your funeral. This benefits everyone when you pre-arrange your funeral. Your loved ones will follow your instructions in honoring you according to your wishes.

Make it easier for your loved ones

You probably didn't know that there are more than 70 details to take care of in the first 24 hours following a death. Will your family be able to handle that much responsibility? By pre-arranging, your loved ones can have a less stressful first 24 hours after your death. Saving them money is also an advantage. Often, people make unnecessary purchases due to the stress of making funeral arrangements at the last minute. You prevent them from having to spend more than they have to by handling the arrangements yourself.

Avoid an increase in funeral costs by protecting yourself and your family

The cost of funerals tends to increase every year, like many other things in life. Consequently, today's funeral will likely be less costly than three or four years from now. Your loved ones will be able to save money by paying now. For more information about locking in funeral costs, please contact us.

The way you are remembered is entirely up to you

Are you considering how you wish to be remembered? You might want to celebrate a long career in the military. In your memory, the Humane Society could benefit from donations in your memory if you love animals. When you make pre-arranged funeral plans, your loved ones can honor your memory and celebrate your life as you wish.

Pre-arrangement of funerals has become increasingly popular among individuals and families. Factors such as inflation, fewer immediate relatives living nearby, and other changes in our society have made it more important than ever to plan your own funeral.

People gave these reasons for preparing for funerals most often in a recent survey:

To be self-reliant and to have your affairs in order when you leave your life

You are showing your family that you care by taking care of their funeral arrangements. It's satisfying to know that you've done everything you can to make their life easier. They will appreciate that your concern for them continues after you leave.

Funerals should be meaningful to your family

Funerals are important for grieving families. As a result, the family feels closure and can begin to heal. By paying tribute to their loved ones and providing a fitting send-off, families benefit emotionally and socially. Planning a funeral in a short period of time makes it difficult to make it the best it can be.

Trying to alleviate your family's burden is a good idea

In the case of an unknown will, they will be forced into difficult decisions during a difficult time. If you are cremated or buried, will they know? Should they choose an open casket or a closed one? What is the cost of the funeral? When no plan is in place, confusion and disagreements are common. By leaving a plan behind, you can prevent this.

Following your final wishes is important to you

If you wish to express specific preferences for how your remains will be used and the nature of the funeral services you wish to have, you can do so in your funeral plan. There may be something you want included in the headstone epitaph, music, or readings at your funeral. If you do not want a ceremony, then that's okay. Just make sure that your wishes are included in the funeral plan.

Assume responsibility for the cost of your funeral.

Making financial arrangements in advance allows you to cover your funeral expenses. Does your family have access to the money you leave behind, even if it is sufficient? You should consider purchasing funeral insurance ahead of time as well as establishing a funeral trust.

The Bottom Line

The Pre Planning System allows you to make all funeral arrangements at your convenience. By using such tools, you'll be guided through the process of planning a funeral step-by-step.

Quick Plans are the first step in the Wise Planning Process. You'll create a basic funeral plan and determine your estimated funeral costs in a matter of minutes. You're under no obligation to purchase anything.

Considering all of those benefits makes it clear why Rockford Funeral Homes is a good idea. Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our certified pre-planning advisors, or begin Pre-Arrangement Online right now. You are in good hands. Your personal information will never be shared.

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