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A Complete In-depth Guide on Cremation Jewelry

Published: January 20, 2022
by Affordable cremation Belidere

The passing of a loved one is just beyond difficult and you may feel lowered or the one who lost something precious. The sense of loss in us is coupled with the desire to be close to them again and we often realize that we would have spent some more time with him/her. We may find ourselves lacking closure, as well as finding it difficult to complete our daily tasks, and even experience depression and anger at the fact that they are gone.

If your loved one has been taken away from you, then we really want you to know that we can relate and even we are sorry you are going through this difficult time. However, it takes time to move through the sorrowful process, but getting Affordable Cremation jewelry would help you to stay always closer to your loved one. Let us discover more about what cremation jewelry for ashes is, how it really helps you in this difficult journey.

Cremation Jewelry- Meaning

As a grieving family or dearest friend of a loved one, the hardest thing to do is to let them go. For many out there, the end of a cremation or funeral service is also their last chance to say one final goodbye to them. Whereas in some cases, people may choose to disperse the ashes of their loved one in an elected spot that they can revisit there every year, while others may choose to place the cremains into an urn and take them home in the form of cremation urns in order to sit on a mantel.

Cremation jewelry is also known as ash or memorial jewelry comes out to be an option that allows you to keep a small amount of cremains of your loved one’s with you at all times, serving as a way of holding their memory, their spirit as well as their life story closer to you. Most commonly it comes as personalized cremation jewelry that is wearable and hence stays with you all times.

Jewelry made from ashes

The jewelry which is infused and crafted with the ashes of your loved ones then is said to be cremation ash jewelry. This act over the same concept of remembrance yet the way in which the jewelry is entirely created in a different way. The most common types that are seen all around are where the ashes are infused into the piece of porcelain, glass, or even within materials similar to that after which are transformed into items like diamonds, crystals, or beading. Cremation jewelry made from ashes comprises the ashes into the make-up of the jewelry. This type of cremation jewelry is more expensive to purchase because of the process involved and it can take several days to several weeks to create it.

How does Cremation Jewelry hold the ashes?

It doesn’t matter what type of cremation jewelry you purchase all are crafted by hand by skilled workers and designed with a hollow smaller in size space, that runs down the centre of the piece. This interior cavity is unremarkably hidden away. The ashes of your loved one will be inserted into the interior cavity or the design constructed and closed off so that they remain inside.

The interior cavity of the jewelry is accessed either through a bail threaded with it, a threaded screw, or even through a threaded stopper. These gears can be screwed and unscrewed to provide access to the interior of the piece. In order to place the cremated remains into the interior cavity, a small funnel is used which makes it easy for the person to put the cremains into the jewelry, and then the bail, screw, or stopper is put in place so to seal the cavity closed.

Different kinds of Cremation Jewelry

With the rise in popularity of cremation jewelry, handmade pet jewelry and jewelry infused with ashes are getting a vast demand. When you are browsing online shops, you would come across cremation necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings, bracelets, keychains, urns, diamonds, and many more. Another specific and new classification in cremation jewelry is; fingerprints, birthstones, photos, and hairs. All jewelry is completely customizable in its design, in its materials, and also in its decoration. Let’s discover various kinds of cremation jewelry:-

Cremation Pendants

Pendants are also referred to as necklaces and are worn around the neck. These pendants can come in just any kind of shape, design, or even material and are ideal for women, men and even young adults. These can be shaped using, plated with white gold, stainless steel, yellow gold, rose gold, and even silver and many others comprising of gemstones and intricate engravings.

Cremation Keychain

If you really don’t want the piece of cremation jewelry sitting or touching your body, then being selective with a keychain may be the best option that could be referred to. It still allows you to keep your loved one’s memory with you and even not touch your skin directly. It can be placed on your keys, on a backpack, on a purse, or it can even be attached to the mirror in your car.

Photo engraved

Photo engraved jewelry gives you the option of having photographs of your loved one’s engraved directly over your jewelry. This jewelry is often crafted out of stainless steel and these can be gold-plated, even designed for holding or not holding the ashes within itself.

Cremation Bracelets

These bracelets can prove to be a lovely option for those who prefer to wear the jewellery on their wrists rather than on their neck or fingers. These are custom designed with various materials and come in a wide variety of colours and designs that can be matched to the type of outfits you wear.

Thumbprint Jewelry

With this type of cremation jewelry, your loved one’s fingerprint is engraved directly onto a piece of jewelry with the mechanism named a laser. This can be a ring, a pendant, bracelet, cufflinks, and anything else.


So from this, we concluded that a lot of people really want their loved ones to stay with them forever in any state hence this cremation jewelry is been made. By using these anyone would be able to make their loved ones stay with them even after death all the time. They come up in various types like- Cremation urns, bracelets, keychains, and many more.

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