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How is Technology Being Incorporated in the Funerals Industry? 

Published: February 14, 2022
by Affordable cremation Belidere

Few sectors are changing as quickly as funerals and memorial services today. Funeral demand and expenditures are increasing as the baby boomer generation ages. Burial practices are also changing. Cremation is evolving more popular than traditional burial, owing to its lower cost and environmental benefits. Aside from an aging population and growing prices, one of the major disruptors in the fading industry is technology. When planning for the funeral, you can rely on Affordable Cremation and Burial, which offers personalized funeral services tailored to the specific needs of each family, and their team of dedicated specialists is always there to assist you in planning a funeral service.

The internet, social media, and smartphone apps influence how we remember loved ones and leave legacies. Most of us now have "digital lives" due to social media. Our loved ones will have to cancel/manage our Facebook and Instagram accounts in addition to executing our wills. However, technological advancements have made funeral planning more accessible and adaptable.

Here are some ideas for making end-of-life preparation less complicated and more memorable.

Burials That Aren't Harmful to the Environment

Many high-profile funerals are broadcast live on the internet to millions worldwide. However, webcasting is no longer limited to celebrities and politicians. Many funeral homes now provide video streaming services for relatives and friends who cannot attend services. On-site audio and video equipment setup is available through online providers. Family and friends log in to these "remote attendance systems" to watch memorial ceremonies live-streamed on computers and mobile devices. Attendees can also add movies photos and even sign a digital guest book on some webcasting services' private websites.

Obituaries on the Internet

Along with the loss in newspaper circulation, the number of traditional obituary spots has decreased. However, customers who can use internet obituaries to announce the death of a loved one will benefit from their demise. These digital obituaries have a wider reach and are less expensive. Newspapers charge by the word for text and the inch for photos in obituary notices. As a result, the expense of a thorough obituary can quickly rise, especially for Sunday editions. Furthermore, papers have a deadline, which can add to the stress of funeral planning. On the other hand, online obituaries are significantly less expensive, last for years, and provide greater flexibility.

Headstone Technology

Embedded technology for headstones is now available from several funeral homes and memorial agencies, giving cemetery visitors a more interactive experience. NFC-enabled microchips or QR codes are available on some monuments. These gadgets communicate with smartphones and tablets via mobile apps. Visitors who scan a QR code on a gravestone are directed to an online website with movies, photographs, and information about the departed. Some headstone designers forgo this step entirely and instead incorporate a video screen directly into the gravestone. Without mobile devices, weather-proof, solar-powered LCD screens deliver tailored films.

Memorials on the Internet

As more people continue their online lives into the hereafter, the number of online monuments increases. Online memorials can be customized to display and save photographs and videos. Some even allow you to construct a Spotify playlist to serve as your life's soundtrack. Online memorials are similar to digital cemeteries, except they include more media and interactive features. They are beneficial to those who cannot visit the burial or mausoleum due to mobility concerns or distance. Different pricing plans rely on the number of pages, the amount of media, and the length of time you require. And the majority of them provide a "lifetime" one-time payment option, ensuring that your online monument will exist in perpetuity.

Services for End-of-Life Planning

An increasing variety of online services has emerged to address lower costs and convenience consumer needs. Prices, user ratings, and the proximity of funeral services for specific cities may all be compared by shoppers. There are various advantages to storing your wills, burial insurance plans, and other papers online:

Backups of digital documents protect against fires and floods. If you have internet connectivity, you can access your documents from anywhere at any time. Hardcopies are more challenging to update than digital copies. Mobile devices give you and your executor’s access to your records. These online services can also assist you with end-of-life preparation by reminding you of essential documents to consider creating. They also frequently give document templates and third-party providers.

The digital Legacy Messages

One of the reasons and the cause people fear death is that they will be unable to make amends or express their feelings to their loved ones. There is now an app for it. SafeBeyond is an internet service that allows you to create, store, and schedule a video and audio message cache. After you pass away, this service sends such notes to your loved ones. However, the benefit goes well beyond mere recordings made with a smartphone. You'll also be able to plan messages for years after you've died away. Leave a message for your two-year-old grandson, who will be able to see it on his 13th birthday. You can even schedule messages for specific areas using a digital legacy messaging service like SafeBeyond.

The wrapping up

Companies that developed and implemented new technology are now poised to reclaim their previous levels of profitability. Pricing in the cremation industry is complicated, but it has tempered the impact of low-cost cremation by offering other services at attractive margins. Rockford Funerals can help you locate a funeral home, cremation service, cemetery, funeral celebrant, or other funeral products and services providers. Funerals are costly, and individuals are often unprepared because death is unpredictable. The amount of public and private support and help available will vary depending on where you live and your financial circumstances. At Rockford Funerals, you may look up extensive information on the various funeral finance choices.

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