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10 Types of Funerals Services You Need to Know About

Published: March 25, 2022
by Affordable cremation Belidere

When a loved one passes away, it's time to start planning a funeral. Do you have a preference for the type of service you'd want to host? There are numerous options available. It's always difficult to lose a loved one. There are no appropriate words to say the last farewell to that special someone. All you can do your best to say goodbye to your loved one in a memorable and heartfelt way. You can search for detailed information on the many options for financing funerals at Rockford Funerals.

Here, we go over the best options. It's a tough time, and there is a lot to organize. Mentioned below are ten Cremation and Funeral services you need to know. Continue reading and see which one matches the demised well.

Direct Burial

Direct burial is a type of burial in which the body is buried directly after death, without the need for a traditional funeral or graveside service. The most cost-effective burial option is direct burial.

Direct Cremation

Cremation is the procedure of converting a deceased person's corpse into ashes. It takes place following the funeral service. It is a one-time event, similar to direct burial. There is also no official visitation or funeral. It is the most cost-effective alternative. The funeral house or crematory will burn the body and return the remains to you if you choose direct cremation for the deceased. The ashes will be returned in an actual container. You can, however, place the remains in a permanent urn.

Religious Funeral

If you're arranging a religious funeral, we may make a variety of preparations to meet your religious requirements as well as the wishes of your loved one. When you chat with one of our expert Funeral Directors, they will offer you additional information on religious funeral arrangements. Religious funerals frequently gather friends and family together to mourn the loss of a loved one and to honor their lives. The choice between cremation and burial may be influenced by religious beliefs or by the wishes of a loved one before they die.

Burial at Sea

A burial at sea is a funeral in which the deceased is released into the water, usually by boat but occasionally by plane. The deceased's cremated remains are generally scattered in this type of burial, but full-body burials at sea are also possible.

Green and woodland Funerals

The owners of the natural burial ground approve an environmentally friendly casket constructed of biodegradable material. If you prefer a forest burial, though, you won't need a casket, and you can always bury the body in a shroud. We are all more mindful of the environment than ever before. Because cremation emits phosphates, it dramatically increases the environmentally favorable way of funerals. This is referred to as a green funeral. They are pretty popular among those who desire to spend their lives in harmony with nature.


Wakes are mostly social gatherings that are associated with death. It is generally held before a funeral. Traditional wakes have their roots in Catholicism. Thus, the faithful may say the Rosary during the wake. The wake is traditionally held in the home of the deceased. Nowadays, the wake is frequently delivered by funeral houses. A wake is a social celebration of a person's life that is occasionally conducted in the exact location as a funeral. Wakes are sometimes known as visitations or viewings. During the wake, family and friends gather to commiserate and pay their final respects to the deceased. During the wake, the body may or may not be present.

Scattering Ceremony

When you think of a scattering ceremony, what is the first image that comes to mind? It involves scattering ashes in the wind or on the surface of a lake, river, or sea. Is there anything in it?

Whether one individual is in charge of casting or it's a communal effort! To avoid the ashes coming back and causing a mess, you must monitor the direction of the wind. A scattering ceremony can be done in a variety of ways:

A water-soluble urn is required for a floating ceremony. A trenching ceremony entails digging a shallow trench into the dirt, which is subsequently raked over once the rites are completed.

You Can Do It Yourself (DIY)

It is a form of funeral that is tailored to the individual. If you like, you can have a personalized funeral or a funeral at your home. It's essential to consider the logistics before planning a DIY funeral. Who will, for example, look after the body in the days leading up to the home burial? Will it be stored for a long time, and will it need any special treatment? Where will the deceased be laid to rest? In addition, if you're planning a DIY funeral, you'll need to consider how you'll dig the grave and whether you'll need the help of a professional gravedigger.

Funerals with Full Service

Most cultures' most prevalent funeral form is a complete funeral service, sometimes known as a "traditional" or "full service" funeral. This usually takes place at a church or funeral home within days after a death. During an open or closed-casket service, friends and family come to pay their respects to their loved ones. A pastor or priest will say a few words and provide a blessing because a full-service funeral is generally religious. Following that, one or more eulogies from family or close friends may be offered.

Memorial service

One of the most prevalent types of funeral ceremonies is the remembrance service. It's much like a typical funeral. It is a funeral where the corpse is not present for the ceremonies and rituals. The beauty of memorial services is that they don't have to occur within a certain amount of time after a death. They can happen the day after interment or inurnment, a year later, or at any time in the future. The deceased's beautiful memory, not the remains, is at the center of this service.

The wrapping up

We've detailed the most popular forms of funeral services in this post to help you decide what's most suitable for you or a loved one. When looking for an alternate approach to memorialize individuals who have passed away, keep in mind what each option includes as you go through these types of funeral rituals. Keep all options in mind while you explore different options so you can figure out which one best meets your needs, whether they are work-related or personal-related—and don't make any hurried decisions because there is no going back once you've made a decision! Affordable cremation and Funeral Services Belvidere IL is a team of compassionate and helpful people who understand your requirements. We are ready to assist you at any time, and you contact us for any funeral-related services.

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